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  • Noah Ritter Visits The Ellen Show

    When the “Apparently” kid visited Ellen, he left her speechless and the audience in hysterics.
    Noah Ritter, 5, took the internet by storm when his news interview went viral with his favorite word...

    Penny Davis
    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
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  • Karise Eden Audition on The Voice Australia

    The second she opened her mouth, the judges instant response shocked her beyond belief.
    Karise Eden comes to the stage to audition for the show The Voice Australia. When she begins singing...

    Wilma Lara
    Goosebumps all the way!
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  • Daddy and Daughter Dance To "Shake It Off"

    Mom Leaves – And What These Two Did Had Her Laughing For Hours.
    This dad knows how to make memories and have a good time while doing it. With his wife at work, he a...

    Bebe Conti
    Adorable pair! Daddy's little girl will remember this video for the rest of her life.
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  • Police Officers Give Sweet Surprise

    She Got Pulled Over, Never Imagining It Would Be For This.
    Everyone agrees getting pulled over by the police is a nerve wracking experience. So the police offi...

    Mel Juson
    Pull me over anytime officers!
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  • Hollie Steele, I Could Have Danced All Night

    Simon wasn’t impressed with this tiny ballerina, but her other talent blew him away!
    When Hollie Steele, 10, came on stage, everyone thought it was just going to be a sweet ballet routi...

    Elmar Lasala Martinez
    Wow amazing little girl!
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  • Smooth Criminal Wedding Dance

    When the wedding party hit the floor, the performance surprised even the bride!
    Wanting to surprise their guests with a fun dance, this wedding party had only practiced it online. ...

    Colin Billington
    Brilliant what fun! It's a different slant on the normal bride and groom dance.
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  • Charice Sings With Celion Dion

    A Nervous Girl Sings Onstage With Celine Dion, Then Brings The Crowd To Their Feet.
    Dedicating the song to her mother, Charice has her dream come true to sing with Celine Dion to a sol...

    Stacie Ann Huppert
    Wow. Totally speechless. She has a wonderful voice.
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  • Baby Bouncing With Dog

    Our Baby Was Fussy, But She Calmed Right Down When Our Dog Did This.
    Every parent may now have to invest in a dog instead of a bouncy seat when their baby is fussy. This...

    Judy Huggins
    This is adorable and I would never have thought to do this.
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  • Two Boys Make Mess While Mom Is Sick

    Mom Was Sick, What Her 2 Boys Did Had Her In TOTAL Shock.
    Not feeling well, mom was in the bathroom a little longer than usual. When she came out she discover...

    Julie Neri
    That poor mama.
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  • American Idol, Shout To The Lord

    American Idol finalists sing 'Shout To The Lord,' making the audience rise up in glory.
    Backed by a full gospel choir, the American Idol finalists perform a powerful rendition of "Shout To...

    Carrie Ann Jones
    This was beautiful. Gave me chills. Would love to see more of this on TV!
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  • Patty Cake, I’ll Think Of You

    A Patty Cake Performance Like You’ve NEVER Seen Or Heard. This Is Epic.
    The precision and harmony these four have in this patty cake song is mesmerizing! These young people...

    Elisa Ashley
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  • Luke Bryan Sings With Kylee

    When Singer Luke Bryan Brought This Girl On Stage, No One Expected Her To Steal The Show.
    Kylee, 6, turned the tables on Luke Bryan when he pulled her on stage – she began to sing to him ins...

    LaWanda Mullinax Howard
    Love it! That is something she will remember forever!
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  • Bride's Brother Plans Special Dance

    Her father passed away before the wedding, but what her brother planned she will never forget.
    This sweet brother will bring tears to your eyes after doing something very special for his sister's...

    Paula Kuhns
    A must watch! Just have a Kleenex in your hand!
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  • Baby Laughing In Bumbo Seat

    Mom was trying to figure out what she was giggling about, then her baby made her laugh too!
    Mommy doesn’t know what has her in giggles, but everyone will agree her laugh is positively contagio...

    Roberta Jones
    CUTE! Such a sweet giggle.
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  • Grandma Dancing To Ice Ice Baby

    When we heard what grandma was dancing to, our whole family couldn't stop laughing.
    Go Nana! When grandma is in the kitchen, she doesn’t just cook, she brings the house down and has th...

    Tonya Pettry Whited
    Go girl, grandma got groove going on!
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  • Lindsey’s Surprise at the Airport

    While Waiting At The Airport, The Stranger Next To Her Brings On A Sweet Surprise.
    Lindsey had been gone on a month long teaching program overseas. As she was waiting for her boyfrien...

    Jan Patnode
    That was awesome. What a nice surprise!
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  • Charlie The Dog Creates A Ball Party

    We Got Our Dog This Bag Of Balls, What He Did With Them Melted Our Hearts.
    Baby Laura has the best dog "brother" anyone could ever ask for. When Charlie received the bag of ba...

    Anita Rountree
    That's the sweetest thing ever.
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  • Som Sabadell Flashmob

    A Girl Drops Money In A Hat And Starts The Most Spine Tingling Flash Mob I’ve Ever Seen.
    Starting with just a small donation given selflessly by one little girl began one of the greatest fl...

    Keri Waldron
    Now that is a flash mob!
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