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  • Noah Ritter Visits The Ellen Show

    When the "Apparently" kid visited Ellen, he left her speechless and the audience in hysterics.
    Noah Ritter, 5, took the internet by storm when his news interview went viral with his favorite word...

    Penny Davis
    I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
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  • Mom Gives Best Baby Surprise

    Visiting The New Baby, They Discover It’s Not Who They Were Expecting.
    Knowing this would likely be her last baby, this mom wanted to surprise the whole family and kept th...

    Dot Palaia ONeill
    Just love this!
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  • Charice Sings With Celion Dion

    A Nervous Girl Sings Onstage With Celine Dion, Then Brings The Crowd To Their Feet.
    Dedicating the song to her mother, Charice has her dream come true to sing with Celine Dion to a sol...

    Stacie Ann Huppert
    Wow. Totally speechless. She has a wonderful voice.
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  • Karise Eden Audition on The Voice Australia

    The second she opened her mouth, the judges instant response shocked her beyond belief.
    Karise Eden comes to the stage to audition for the show The Voice Australia. When she begins singing...

    Wilma Lara
    Goosebumps all the way!
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  • Luke Bryan Sings With Kylee

    When Singer Luke Bryan Brought This Girl On Stage, No One Expected Her To Steal The Show.
    Kylee, 6, turned the tables on Luke Bryan when he pulled her on stage – she began to sing to him ins...

    LaWanda Mullinax Howard
    Love it! That is something she will remember forever!
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  • Bride Receives Wonderful Surprise From Brother

    This bride was preparing for her wedding day, but 'who' showed up changed everything.
    Her makeup got a little messed up with this surprise, but it was totally worth it! Crying the night ...

    Becky Sheppard Bentley
    The best wedding gift she could've ever gotten! They'll never forget that special moment
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  • Police Officers Give Sweet Surprise

    She Got Pulled Over, Never Imagining It Would Be For This.
    Everyone agrees getting pulled over by the police is a nerve wracking experience. So the police offi...

    Mel Juson
    Pull me over anytime officers!
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  • Puppy Reunited With Rescuer Joey Wagner

    How this puppy reacted to being reunited with it's rescuer, even put the Vet in tears!
    Mojo was found by Joey Wagner from Nova Scotia out in the cold alone. Covered and mange and afraid h...

    Jackie Hemson
    The dog really loved the man and it shows.
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  • Mother Surprised at 8 Week Sonogram

    As We Started To Watch The Ultrasound, What Our Baby Did Shocked Our Whole Family!
    At only 8 weeks along, this doctor decided to do an ultrasound and the baby’s movements surprised ev...

    Amanda J McDaniel
    So amazing and beautiful.
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  • Daddy and Daughter Dance To "Shake It Off"

    Mom Leaves – And What These Two Did Had Her Laughing For Hours.
    This dad knows how to make memories and have a good time while doing it. With his wife at work, he a...

    Bebe Conti
    Adorable pair! Daddy's little girl will remember this video for the rest of her life.
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  • Incredible Street Musicians Perform to Help a Homeless Man

    When They Asked A Homeless Man To Perform With Them, His 'Prayer' Was Answered.
    In the most amazing street performance that we've seen, this homeless man was asked to join the perc...

    Ralph Jackson
    The world needs more folks like this....great job.
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  • Patty Cake, I’ll Think Of You

    A Patty Cake Performance Like You’ve NEVER Seen Or Heard. This Is Epic.
    The precision and harmony these four have in this patty cake song is mesmerizing! These young people...

    Elisa Ashley
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  • Baby Hummingbird Stuck In Grass

    This hummingbird was struggling to fly, what we found 'stuck' to him surprised us both.
    This caring family was out for a walk and noticed a hummingbird struggling in the grass. Upon closer...

    Stephanie Robertson
    I am so happy!
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  • Hollie Steele, I Could Have Danced All Night

    Simon wasn’t impressed with this tiny ballerina, but her other talent blew him away!
    When Hollie Steele, 10, came on stage, everyone thought it was just going to be a sweet ballet routi...

    Elmar Lasala Martinez
    Wow amazing little girl!
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  • American Idol, Shout To The Lord

    American Idol finalists sing 'Shout To The Lord,' making the audience rise up in glory.
    Backed by a full gospel choir, the American Idol finalists perform a powerful rendition of "Shout To...

    Carrie Ann Jones
    This was beautiful. Gave me chills. Would love to see more of this on TV!
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  • Preacher Rants While Kids Sing About Love and Tolerance

    This preacher went on an angry rant, then Christian kids give him a 'message' of their own.
    At James Madison University a preacher arrived to tell everyone that they were going to hell with a ...

    Sandra Blackford
    This made my day!
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  • "I Just Need Some Space" A Mom's Musical Parody

    She wrote a song for her family, and she asks for what 'every' mom wants.
    From the hit song "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor, this parody had me laughing all the way t...

    Bernard J. Southwell
    This is too funny! :)
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  • Christian Father Shows Incredible Act of Forgiveness In Court

    The family scorned him for murdering their daughter, but what Dad "said" shocked everyone.
    Gary Ridgway had confessed to many murders, including 16-year-old Linda Rule. As the family took the...

    Bobbie Reese
    It is not up to us to judge, we can however, forgive.
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  • Lifemark Senior Flash Mob

    A lady started dancing in the street, the 'flash mob' that joined amazed the entire crowd.
    In what me be the most unique and original flash mob ever formed. This group proves based on the cro...

    Jimmy Legaspi
    The best flash mob I'd seen so far.
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  • Two Foxes Jump On Trampoline

    When I looked in my backyard, I'd NEVER seen this happen on my trampoline.
    In Colorado during the summer a couple of wild foxes were exploring in the backyard, when they both ...

    Carol Regan
    That was cool!
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