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  • Collabro Sing Stars From Les Misérables

    Not Your Typical Boy Band
    Singing "Stars" from Les Misérables, Collabro stunned the judges and audience with audition that took everyone by surpri...

    Elaine Rathjen Lindbjerg
    Straight to the heart! Tears! Take time to listen!
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  • Easter Hallelujah by Kelley Mooney

    Easter Version Of 'Hallelujah'
    This beautiful adaptation sung powerfully by Kelley Mooney will move you thinking about the Cross and the price Jesus pa...

    Margaret Cano
    The words are amazing. A must listen!
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  • Bride Sings 'Look At Me' Down the Aisle

    Bride Makes Stunning Grand Entrance
    Bride Arianna Dubovik makes her grand entrance singing Carrie Underwood’s hit, ‘Look At Me’ surprising her groom and wed...

    Cindy Thompson
    I love this. I've watched it like five times now.
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  • Dolly Parton, He's Alive

    He’s Alive!
    Dolly’s beautifully uses her talent for God’s glory singing this powerful song. You will barely be able to stay in your...

    Kay Bess Benitez
    Never heard Dolly like this before. You will be blessed if you listen to this.
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  • Brothers Singing 'He Arose'

    He Arose!
    The purest form of praise comes from children – and these two brothers singing the blessed version of the old favorite h...

    Cindy Stephens Dortch
    Love it, Love it, Love it!
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  • Boy and Dog Best Friends

    Precious Interaction of Boy and His Dog
    Connection. Friendship. Innocence. Watch this precious young three year old boy with Down's Syndrome overcome his shynes...

    Dawn Vickrey
    Absolutely precious and priceless! Thank you for sharing.
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  • Andrew De Leon, America's Got Talent

    Shocking Unexpected Talent
    Self-taught, Andrew De Leon stunned the judges and everyone in the room with his unbelievable voice. This proves you can...

    Rosalyn Dela Torre
    Where did you get that kind of voice? It's super extraordinary!
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  • Dance Your Shoes Off Flash Mob

    Easter Flash Mob
    Over 2000 members of a church in Houston gathered to celebrate the Resurrection that has created a global response of pr...

    Marian Akins Bowden
    Unbelievably inspiring and just plain awesome!
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  • Kaitlyn Maher Singing Above All

    Five Year Old Girl Sings "Above All"
    Kaitlyn Maher will be one of the sweetest performers you will ever see singing, ‘Above All.’ Extremely talented, Kaitly...

    Rosa Drader
    WOW! She was amazing! Love it very much. Yes indeed, she is a future worship leader.
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  • Paddy and Nico on Britain’s Got Talent

    A Well Deserved Standing Ovation!
    Paddy, 79, will be your new hero! A great grandmother that dances as you’ve never seen before and with a sweetness and ...

    Susan Presnall
    If you are going to watch any video this is the one to watch! You have never seen anything like it before and I daresay you will ever see anything like it again!
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  • Puppy Easter

    Easter Puppies
    Puppies, bunnies, chicks – it’s cuteness overload! Watching them all play together as little friends will remind you to ...

    Joan Brissett
    I love this, relaxing and entertaining! Thanks for the love behind the preparation of this video.
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  • Charice and the Canadian Tenors

    Outstanding Rendition Of The Prayer
    In one of the most beautiful renditions of The Prayer you will hear, Charice sings with the Canadian Tenors and David Fo...

    Gerlinda Friday Kumer
    This will give you chills!
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  • How Great Thou Art

    “How Great Thou Art” Will Completely Cover You With Goosebumps
    Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill perform together. The result? Stunningly beautiful worship. Singing, ‘How Great Thou ...

    Danielle Hodgins
    You cannot watch and hear this without my heart and soul welling up and eyes flowing with tears! Glory! How great thou art!!!
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  • Ward Miles - First Year

    God Is Bigger Than Any Obstacle
    Watching tiny Ward’s miracle transformation from being born fifteen weeks premature to a thriving baby will have you cry...

    Cheryl Pardoe
    Thank you for sharing such a touching memory. I am so very blessed for you both!
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  • Baby River Dance

    Riverdance Baby
    All this little pumpkin needs to be complete is a kilt and bagpipes! You will be grinning ear to ear watching this baby...

    Maureen Moore Janssen
    She is adorable and very musical! So precious!
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  • II Divo Amazing Grace

    Absolutely Fantastic!
    II Divo’s powerful yet soothing rendition of Amazing Grace is breathtaking. When the bagpipes start, your heart will ski...

    Margaret Tappan Browning
    Amazingly Beautiful!
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  • An and Ria’s First Flight

    Grandmothers’ First Flight
    Ria, 78, is quite the daredevil, and An, 71, is afraid of flying. Deciding it was now or never, they experience their f...

    Kathy Colbert
    This brought many smiles.
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  • The Best Cuddle Dog and Baby

    The Most Tender Moment Ever Recorded
    Proving dogs really are man’s best friend, and baby’s too, watch this sweet American Bulldog put his arm around the baby...

    Jennifer L Jones
    This would melt anyone's heart.
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  • Bride's Brother Plans Special Dance

    Family Is Always Forever
    This sweet brother will bring tears to your eyes after doing something very special for his sister's wedding after their...

    Paula Kuhns
    A must watch! Just have a Kleenex in your hand!
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  • Andrea Bocelli Singing Lord's Prayer

    Andrea Bocelli Gives An Unforgettable Rendition Of "The Lord's Prayer"
    Singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, Utah, Andrea Bocelli’s unforgettable version of the Lord’s P...

    Dalia Olivares
    This is the song "Our Lord's Prayer", that I worship and Glorify my Lord and Savior! I honor my Lord with all my heart and Th...
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  • Blind Autistic Boy Sings

    Blind Boy With Autism Sings Worship Song, 'Open The Eyes Of My Heart'
    Christopher Duffley was born premature, autistic, and blind. He is an amazing kid with amazing God! Weighing only one p...

    Rosalind DeSalvatore
    This amazes me every time I see this and makes me cry, so very uplifting the Lord gave him a special gift to share with us. Thank you Christopher.
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  • Claire's Birthday Message

    The Best Birthday Present Ever
    This mommy received the present of a lifetime! Melting hearts around the world, Claire lists all the reasons she has th...

    Lia Castiglione
    Oh precious!
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