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  • How To Dye Eggs Using Silk

    She Begins By Wrapping An Egg In Silk. The End Result Is Stunningly Beautiful.
    Starting with fresh unboiled eggs, Kendra...

  • How To Make A Peep-Filled Cake

    She Fills A Cake With Peeps. I Couldn’t Stop Smiling At The Result.
    Peep lovers will enjoy this recipe for a ...

  • Teacher Sonya Romero on Ellen

    Ellen Burst Into Tears Hearing How This Teacher Handles Her Classroom Every Day.
    Sonya Romero has the heart of gold and tr...

  • Kaoma, The Old Rugged Cross

    Singing It To Perfection, His Version Of "Old Rugged Cross" Is Spine Tingling.
    Through modern technology, the same man r...

  • Mitchell Brunings Audition "Redemption Song" On The Voice Holland

    All four judges immediately turn around for this amazing voice from the past!
    Mitchell Brunings comes to audition on Th...

  • How To Make Colored Deviled Eggs

    He drops an egg in food coloring, and creates something for Easter I can't wait to try.
    This man shows how to make a fun dish to ...

  • Sarah McLachlan And Pink Sing 'Angel'

    Sarah McLachlan's duet of "Arms Of The Angel" with Pink left the audience in awe.
    A truly beautiful duet, Sarah McLachlan a...

  • Bernie Mitchel Drywall Mud Artwork

    He Starts By Just Putting Mud On The Wall – But The Result Is Truly Spectacular.
    Bernie Mitchell is a drywall artist who c...

  • Rooney Chews Up Owner’s Glasses

    Finding her chewed up glasses, when she confronted the dog his embarrassment is hysterical.
    Rooney has to be one of the guiltiest dog...

    Ashley Dynell Buford
    He's so adorable.
  • Seven Different Uses For Salt

    He Covers This Pan In Salt, His Next Step Is Useful For Everyone.
    Salt can have many uses in our lives, and...

  • Bride and Groom Surprise Grandma in Hospital

    Grandma’s Door Burst Open, And This Bride’s Surprise Brought Her Instantly To Tears.
    When Matt and Jamie Seifert’s wedding day...

  • Baby Escapes From Gate

    Baby Looks Right At Mom, Then Pulls Off The Most Adorable Escape In History.
    Mia is only twelve months old, but alread...

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