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  • Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Sing Home

    Blake and Miranda's Christmas version of "Home" put the crowd in tears.
    Miranda Lambert joined her husband, Blake Shelton onstage for this beautiful Christmas duet, "Home."...

  • Home Free, O Holy Night

    Their NEW rendition of "O Holy Night" is so beautiful, it gave me chills.
    Home Free’s brand new version of "O Holy Night" is stunning with their talented vocals singing a cap...

  • Freshpet Animals Eating at Table

    They invited these dogs to eat, you’ll be in tears laughing at their impeccable manners.
    Freshpet wanted to show that dogs and cats are more than just pets but actually become part of the f...

  • Silent Monks Sing Hallelujah

    These "Silent Monks" Came Onstage, And Left The Crowd In Hysterics With Their Performance.
    A group of high school students gave the crowd a treat when they imagined how a group of monks under...

  • Pentatonix, Mary Did You Know

    Pentatonix’s new spin on "Mary Did You Know" is giving everyone goosebumps!
    Pentatonix is sending chills down everyone’s spine with their beautiful rendition of "Mary Did You K...

  • Celtic Thunder 'Amazing Grace'

    Celtic Thunder sings "Amazing Grace," and the crowd rises to their feet in glory.
    Internationally renowned, these six dapper gentlemen sing the beloved, “Amazing Grace” with beautifu...

    Deborah Lloyd Gaither
    Turn it up and just stop for a moment and thank HIM for HIS Amazing Grace!
  • Christopher Maloney, The Rose

    Man Overcome With Stage Fright Leaves Audience In Tears
    It took Christopher 5 years to muster up the courage to audition and then he shocked everyone with h...

    Karen M. Severns
    You made me cry and touched my heart. That is what singing is all about!
  • Pentatonix Singing Carol Of The Bells

    Pentatonix’s Remake Of My Favorite Christmas Carol Made My Jaw Drop.
    Starting out as three friends who grew up together, the group Pentatonix has become the favorite amo...

  • Poppy Girls, The Call With Surprise Ending

    Their Voices Are Angelic, But It Was The Ending That Had The Crowd In Tears.
    With voices of angels, these girls were chosen from a nationwide search with over 1000 contestants. ...

  • Celtic Woman, O Holy Night

    The Crowd Was Moved To Tears When The Celtic Woman Sang "O Holy Night"
    The lovely voices of the Celtic Woman singing the well-known Christmas carol, "O Holy Night" couldn’...

  • Dog Gets Himself Christmas Present In Store

    A Dog Walks In The Store With A Christmas Mission That Left Everyone In Laughter.
    Caught on surveillance video, this clever dog entered a store with one mission in mind – getting him...

  • Christmas Song About Jesus

    This "Hallelujah" With A Christmas Twist Is Leaving Everyone With Chills.
    Reminding us all what this holiday season is all about, this beautiful song tells the Christmas stor...

  • Noelle Sings Mary Did You Know

    With The Voice Of An Angel, She Sent Chills Up My Spine Singing "Mary Did You Know."
    This talented young lady, Noelle, sings the Christmas song "Mary Did You Know" with such a pure and ...