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  • Pentatonix, Mary Did You Know

    Pentatonix’s new spin on "Mary Did You Know" is giving everyone goosebumps!
    Pentatonix is sending chills down everyone’s spine with their beautiful rendition of "Mary Did You K...

  • Dad Asks "Pass The Salt" While Sons Text

    As the kids were texting at dinner, Dad's response made Mom burst out laughing!
    The family is having dinner when their son's phone beep and they start texting. Dad asks, "pass the ...

  • Jeanne Robertson, Why You Don’t Send Husband Grocery Shopping

    The crowd was in hysterics when she said why she NEVER sends her husband to the store.
    Jeanne Robertson was in need of some ingredients to make a cake for someone. Her husband volunteered...

  • Pentatonix, Silent Night

    Pentatonix's NEW twist on "Silent Night" is sending tingles down everyone's spine.
    The amazing a cappella voices Pentatonix perform a live version of the beloved Christmas song, "Sile...

  • Shorkie Puppy Talks to Baby

    They introduced the new puppy to baby, and can't stop laughing at their "conversation."
    Is the fluffy puppy or the adorable baby having more fun? This little sweetheart, Sophie, is a bab...

    Kelle Groman
    This is the cutest video. You gotta check it out!
  • Andrian Romoff Piano Player on America’s Got Talent

    He said he was a piano player, but the judges never heard one like this!
    Adrian Romoff is just 9 years old but already starting the 10th grade next year. This incredible tal...

  • Father Signs I Loved Her First at Wedding

    This Bride And Groom Burst Out In Tears With Dad’s Touching Wedding Surprise.
    This bride, Nicole Cortez, is not deaf, but is a sign language interpreter. When her father learned ...

  • Pentatonix Sing A Holiday Classic

    Pentatonix Sing "Little Drummer Boy", Giving Chills To Everyone.
    The amazing A Capella group Pentatonix harmonize to a holiday classic favorite. Sitting on the side ...

  • Pablo Lopez Auditio, Old Time Rock and Roll

    He Takes A Classic Song And Puts The Judges In Tears With His Powerful Voice.
    When Pablo Lopez auditioned on a Mexican talent show, no one expected his unique and powerful voice ...

  • Boxer Responds To Newborn's First Cries

    It’s baby’s first day home, and Mom can’t stop smiling where she finds the dog.
    This tiny baby will always have her guardian around looking after her. Even while on guard from unde...

    Margaret McDaniel
    I love that she was lying under the crib "just in case".
  • Father And Son Lip Sync Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift Comes On, And This Dad And Son’s Response Is Epic And HILARIOUS!
    This father and son know how to have a good time on a road trip by passing the time lip syncing to s...

  • Easy Microwave Fudge

    In Just A Few Minutes, She Created The Most Delicious And EASY Fudge Recipe.
    With only just a few ingredients, this woman shows how to make delicious fudge in the microwave in m...

  • Girl Helps Horse Afraid Of Water

    He Was Terrified Of Water, How He Overcame His Fear Had Her Laughing.
    Anna was riding her horse Magic through the woods when they came upon some water. Her horse was very...