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  • Pittsburgh Detective Helps Fosters Kids

    When this detective found out what happened to these kids, he changed their lives forever.
    Jack Mook is a tough detective working at the Pittsburgh Police Department. He met brothers Josh and...

    Jeanne Erlandson
    All three are WINNERS!
  • Dog Smiles When Picture Taken

    When mom said "Smile," the dog’s response made the family burst out in laughter.
    When mom says, "Smile and say cheese," it isn’t just the little girl that follows through. What thi...

    Vicki Irene Coats Mansell
    Oh, that made laugh!
  • Single Mother Can't Afford Groceries

    Single mom needs money for groceries, hidden camera reveals the true nature of people.
    Hidden cameras were set up to see how people would respond in a scenario where a young single mother...

  • Luke Bryan Sings With Kylee

    When Singer Luke Bryan Brought This Girl On Stage, No One Expected Her To Steal The Show.
    Kylee, 6, turned the tables on Luke Bryan when he pulled her on stage – she began to sing to him ins...

    LaWanda Mullinax Howard
    Love it! That is something she will remember forever!
  • Charice Sings With Celion Dion

    A Nervous Girl Sings Onstage With Celine Dion, Then Brings The Crowd To Their Feet.
    Dedicating the song to her mother, Charice has her dream come true to sing with Celine Dion to a sol...

    Stacie Ann Huppert
    Wow. Totally speechless. She has a wonderful voice.
  • A Mother Dog Was Trapped With Her Puppies

    She Was Living In Bushes, Inside They Also Discovered She Protected Her Puppies
    They received a call about a dog that had been living in bushes in the neighborhood. Searching for t...

  • Vienna State Opera Comedy Ballet

    A completely stunned audience can't stop laughing at this ballet with a twist!
    This beautiful, and classically trained ballet troop did something a little out of the ordinary to k...

    Giovana Smith
    Love it!
  • Elvis Presley and Celine Dion, If I Can Dream

    Elvis And Celine Steal The Show As This “Impossible” Duet Comes To Life!
    Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, this impossible duet came to life with Elvis Presley sin...

    Roland Regala
    Elvis is alive!
  • Baby Flexes In Front Of The Mirror With Dad

    When This Baby Flexes, Dad Can't Contain His Laughter
    8-month-old baby Hadley stands in front of the mirror for a flex off with dad. Dad starts the routin...

  • Mom Saves Kids In SUV

    Her Kids Were In An SUV Rolling Towards A Cliff, This Mother’s Heroic Act Saved Their Lives.
    When Joy’s children were in an SUV waiting, it came out of gear and began rolling toward a cliff. Wi...

  • Reba McEntire, Pray For Peace

    This superstar has a simple message – but it’s powerful enough to change our world.
    Reba McEntire feels this song is a gift from God. Working on it over the course of a year – she said...

  • Man Travels Long Distance To Propose

    She THINKS He’s 5,437 Miles Away, But He’s About To Give Her The Surprise Of Her Life.
    Susan thought she was going to a marketing job when in fact her boyfriend had been scheming for mont...