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  • Epic Mother-Son Wedding Dance

    The Most Epic Mother And Son Dance
    The wedding guests went into wild cheers when this traditional wedding dance switched gears into a medley that took ever...

    Nene Umanah
    What a cool mother-in-law! Just brilliant!
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  • Bon Jovi, Hallelujah

    A Perfect Hallelujah
    Bon Jovi doesn’t just sing the lyrics to ‘Hallelujah’ – he sings from his soul and the result is one of the best renditi...

    Janet Lynn Mitchell-Oakes
    Just wonderful! Love You Bon Jovi!
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  • Father Mode Activate!

    An Unbelievable Rescue
    Hero dad powers got activated when this dad spotted trouble ahead! His quick thinking and even faster running down the h...

    Jason Barefoot
    Give that man a football and a kick to return!
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  • Bride Sings 'Look At Me' Down the Aisle

    Bride Makes Stunning Grand Entrance
    Bride Arianna Dubovik makes her grand entrance singing Carrie Underwood’s hit, ‘Look At Me’ surprising her groom and wed...

    Cindy Thompson
    I love this. I've watched it like five times now.
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  • Baby Wants To Stay With Mom

    I Want To Stay With My Mommy!
    Immediately after being born, the nurses place this baby to his mother’s cheek. How he responds when they try to take h...

    Gaye Lynn Eaton Zarrow
    Sweetest moment ever!
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  • Ward Miles - First Year

    God Is Bigger Than Any Obstacle
    Watching tiny Ward’s miracle transformation from being born fifteen weeks premature to a thriving baby will have you cry...

    Cheryl Pardoe
    Thank you for sharing such a touching memory. I am so very blessed for you both!
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  • Boy and Dog Best Friends

    Precious Interaction of Boy and His Dog
    Connection. Friendship. Innocence. Watch this precious young three year old boy with Down's Syndrome overcome his shynes...

    Dawn Vickrey
    Absolutely precious and priceless! Thank you for sharing.
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  • Laughing Baby and the Letter

    Hysterically Contagious Giggles
    Your issues of the day will soon melt away when you see the reaction of this adorable baby and the ripped up letter. The...

    Suzanne Jacobsen-Amitrano
    How can you not laugh with this adorable laughing baby?
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  • Harrison Craig, A Stutterer on The Voice

    A True Inspiration
    Harrison Craig prays his stutter won't be an issue before his audition on The Voice. The powerful moment when he takes t...

    Jan Frederick
    He is awesome! Love that song, Josh Groban would be proud. His family is amazing.
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  • Baby Praising God

    Baby Praise
    This little one is really feeling the praise while listening to southern Gospel music! With the purest innocence and th...

    Levette Silas
    He is so sincere.
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