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  • Acrobatic Chinese Ballet Performance

    She Climbs On His Back – Her Next Move Took Everyone’s Breath Away
    Stunning and super human are the only way...

  • Lady Antebellum Bus Caught Fire

    A Superstar's Bus Caught Fire. WHAT They Found Inside Shook Everyone To The Core.
    En route to Dallas heading to the America...

  • Jamie Raven's Magic Trick On Britain’s Got Talent

    He Tells Everyone To Watch The Screen Closely, Then Blew Them Away With The Result.
    Jamie Raven took the stage on Britain’s G...

  • OPI Dancers And Horse

    A Ballerina Approaches This Horse – His Response Has Everyone In Laughter
    Communicating through dance and color, th...

  • Sarah McLachlan And Pink Sing 'Angel'

    Sarah McLachlan's duet of "Arms Of The Angel" with Pink left the audience in awe.
    A truly beautiful duet, Sarah McLachlan a...

  • Kyle and Nichole’s Epic First Dance

    Their first dance was epic but when Dad cut in, he shocked the entire crowd.
    Kyle and Nichole first dance as Mr. and M...

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  • Marc Metrol And Talking Dog

    When This Dog Started Talking, Simon Was In Shock And The Crowd In Hysterics.
    For nine years Simon has wanted a dog tha...

  • Dog Rescued In Wilderness By Woman Faking Injury

    A stray dog approaches a motionless woman, his response surprised even her.
    The dog had been wandering for a few mont...

  • Becky O'Brien A Mom With Five Kids In Abusive Marriage on Britain's Got Talent

    In An Abusive Marriage With 5 Kids - This Mom's Audition Even Had Her Family In Tears
    With her kids in the audience 34-year-old...

  • The Butterfly Child Story

    She completely wrapped up her son, what Mom DID in the bath had me crying.
    Jonathan Pitre is a boy with a determinat...

  • Mom Naps With Baby To Little Avail

    What her baby did when Mom napped, completely cracked her up!
    Grabbing her cell phone to record her bab...

  • Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, "Over You"

    The Room Was Filled With Tears When Blake And Miranda Sang "Over You."
    Blake Shelton wrote this song "Over You,"...

  • Charlie’s Dance With Dirty Dancing

    Dirty Dancing Comes On, And This Kid's Dance Moves Outshine Even Patrick Swayze's!
    There is no doubt Patrick Swayze would be...

  • Meredith Dennis Receives The Surprise Of A Lifetime

    Her foster parents said how much they cared, but never expected they'd SAY this.
    Meredith Dennis was sat down by her foste...

    LouAnn Snyder
    Tears of joy for this young lady.
  • After Daughter Was Cured He Asked The Father To Attend The Wedding

    This doctor asked to attend his daughter's wedding, the father's response put him in tears.
    His daughter Chloe had been cured of a br...

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