Boys Leap Out Of Dad’s Truck To Help Neighbor Shovel Snow

Anyone who’s ever lived in a cold-weather locale knows that shoveling snow by hand can be a long, tiresome task. It’s cold, it’s wet, it takes hours and you curse every second you’re outside braving the cold to carry out the troublesome chore.

Not only do you have to endure the frigid temperatures, but you have to heave hundreds (possibly thousands) of pounds of snow with a measly metal shovel.

Completing this tasks takes Herculean strength, thick winter clothing and an able body. Snow shoveling isn’t for the faint of heart! That being said, it’s nearly impossible to imagine what shoveling hills of snow is like for the elderly and disabled communities…

Facebook/Daniel Medina

Sadly, this exact scene is what Daniel Medina and his sons came across one chilly winter evening. The Medinas drove past a man in a wheelchair in their hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The man was clearly struggling to shovel the heavy snow blanketing his property. Inches of snow had recently dumped in the area and everyone was scrambling to clear their properties!

Daniel’s sons, 6 and 10 years old, spotted the man too. Instead of cruising on by casually, they piped up right away and asked their father to stop the car. What in the world were they thinking?

Daniel’s little ones’ reaction was something that shocked him to his core. He shared what happened next with the Love What Matters page:

Facebook/Daniel Medina

“Proud Dad moment:

We’re driving down South 60th Street near Morgan, and my two sons…. asked me to pull over because they just saw a guy in a wheelchair trying to shovel his corner lot and they wanted to help.”

Beaming with pride, Daniel stopped his car and allowed his boys to jump out. He was honored to be their father in that moment (and in many others). Together, the Medinas as a family to help the disabled man shovel his driveway and sidewalk.

Pesky snow wasn’t going to bother him that day!

Daniel was thrilled to see his boys had such a strong moral compass, even in the face of howling winter weather. Even though helping others isn’t something that always comes easily to others, doing so is clearly second nature for these boys!

Facebook/Daniel Medina

Daniel’s boys were cold, sleepy and tired, yet they had the mental drive to propel them do the right thing! Young people like Daniel’s sons show us there is hope in the world for future generations. They just may be able to carry the torch of human kindness!