Darius Rucker Belts ‘What God Wants For Christmas’

With the chaos of shopping “holidays” like Black Friday behind us, Darius Rucker is here to answer a question that likely hasn’t crossed our minds. He wants to know, “What God Wants for Christmas.” His new song of the same title tackles our materialist human nature and shifts our attention back to the true importance of the holiday.

Unsurprisingly, the answer to Darius question isn’t a new toy or cell phone – it’s actually something much more meaningful.


It’s easy for us to lose sight of what really matters the most when it comes to Christmas. We get overwhelmed under the pressure of finding the perfect present, mountains of wrapping paper and hoards of food. But that’s not going to happen to us this year.

Instead, Darius wants to remind Christians around the world that there is a bigger, more powerful meaning behind our beloved holiday.

In an interview with The Morning Call, Darius admitted that his Christmas album was a long time coming. In fact, he says “What God Wants For Christmas” is one of the songs he the proudest about.

“Capitol [Records] has been saying for a couple of years about making a Christmas record, and so Frank Rogers and I – my producer – we got together and were talking with Frank Ramsey, who also works with us, and we were talking about the Christmas record, and we all said the same thing – that we wanted to make the most cool [sic] Christmas record. Let’s do it with some cool instrumentation and a lot of stuff can happen with the country feel, too, but let’s really make an old-school record but, you know, might do something cool.

And we were just so proud of it. And the songs we wrote for it – ‘What God Wants for Christmas’ and ‘Candy Cane Christmas’ — when I listen to that record, I’m just so proud of it.”

The track was a tribute to God and came from his soul – so when fans shot it up to the top of the charts, he was humbled. This was God’s love at work!


When it came time to answer the question of what He wants, Darius reminds us of the truth. The true meaning of this wonderful season is the gift of God’s Son.

We don’t need the shiny wrapping paper, lavish gifts and expensive technology. We need each other and Him. That’s it! What a beautiful way to keep our hearts focused on the right thing this holiday season! Thank you, Darius.


Get your box of tissues ready. Darius’ video is definitely going to make you shed a few tears, in a good way!