Michael Buble Shares Special Behind-The-Scenes Look At Powerful New Video

Michael Buble has teamed up with some impressive artists in the past. From Barbra Streisand to Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey to Jennifer Hudson, he’s sung alongside the music industry’s most talented names. But when it came to one song, in particular, Michael was at a loss for the perfect singing partner.

It wasn’t until he saw the musical The Greatest Showman recently that he stumbled upon who he had been looking for all of these years. That perfect voice belonged to Loren Allred – and Michael knew he needed her to sing the country ballad “Help Me Make It Through The Night” with him! 


Michael’s faced a tough past few years. His son Noah battled (and won!) cancer – and he took a hiatus to focus on is health. But after spending so much time away from his passion, Michael was excited to get back in the recording booth. 

He spoke to TODAY about how much he’s learned about life over the last two years.

“We’ve gone through so many hard times and we’ve dealt with this, and I’ve had to now answer the questions, that it’s so much fun for me to be able to sort of not look back at the past, and to look forward to the future and be excited about life for our family and my boy and everything. I just wanted to get away and get focused on the good stuff…

You learn a lot about life and what’s important and what matters, and you stop sweating the small stuff because you realize that most of the stuff is the small stuff… I did what I had to do and put my family first and do what anybody would have to do, but God, I remembered why I loved making the music…”

That’s why he jumped at the chance to sing with Loren! She had the voice for which he spent so long looking.


Michael spoke to the camera crews about how much he wanted to sing “Help Me Make It Through The Night” and how excited he was to have found Loren:

“My concept had always been so strong. And in my head, it was always a duet, I never heard it as a duet before but I had always seen it as this incredible, sad, but beautiful story of two needy people who just did not have the strength to be alone anymore… I had been watching a movie called ‘The Greatest Showman’… and I realized the actress, it wasn’t her singing, so I frantically started to comb YouTube to find out who this was… and I found Loren Allred!”

The result of their duet was pure magic. Their voices paired together beautifully – and Loren’s admiration for Michael was evident in the filming. She couldn’t believe she had the chance to sing alongside one of her idols. Thankfully, we get to watch the process of making the track from start to finish with this cool behind-the-scenes clip.

It’s impossible not to get goosebumps listening to their duet!


Check out their impressive rendition of “Help Me Make It Through The Night” below. Wow!