21-Year-Old Pro Ball Player Stuns Parents With Present

Pavin Smith isn’t your typical 21-year-old. Pavin was raised in a home filled with love that included lots of ballgames.

His doting parents made sure he pursued all opportunities available to him as a young boy who showed immense athletic prowess in the field of baseball. He ended up attending the University of Virginia with the support of his family.

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Pavin then was named the No. 7 pro ball prospect – and in June, the first baseman signed with the Arizona Diamonds.

Not only was that a wonderful path for Pavin to pursue, but he ended up with a $5 million minor league bonus. Pavin said he could never repay his parents for the sacrifices they made for him to pursue his dream, but this holiday season, he tried.

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Pavin ended up doing something so huge, so moving, he resorted his parents to tears. Pavin copied a touching poem by Robert William Service called Home and Love.

It goes:

“Just Home and Love. The words are small, four little letters unto each and yet you will not find in all the wide and gracious range of speech two more so tenderly complete. When angels talk in Heaven above, I’m sure they have no words more sweet than Home and Love.”

Then Pavin wrote a special heartfelt message accompanying the poem, along with his incredibly generous Christmas gift. As his mom read the letter out loud and discovered what Pavin’s gift was, she burst into tears and couldn’t speak. Even his dad burst into tears.

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Discover what amazing gift Pavin bestowed upon his parents and their emotional response in the video below.