How To Make An Inexpensive Christmas Ornament Wreath

Decorating your home for the holidays is a fun and festive time. You can blare the Christmas classics or Pentatonix hits and start setting up your tree.

One holiday decoration people love are wreaths. There are so many different ways to make one and with numerous, varying materials.


But if you purchase a holiday wreath from a home store, it can be quite expensive. Fortunately in the video below from AJ’s Craft Room, she teaches us how to create our own gorgeous wreaths for only a few dollars each!

To make one of AJ’s festive wreaths, you only need a few supplies from a store like Walmart or the Dollar Store. Her project will require between 50-80 ornament bulbs, a large ribbon and a wire hanger.


When purchasing your ornaments, be sure to look for the kinds that are either plastic or advertise that they are unbreakable. These are the best type to use for this festive project.
The first step in creating your handmade wreath is to form a circle out of your hanger. Then, unhook the metal wire so that you can thread the ornaments through it.

One by one, carefully string your bulbs onto the wire in any pattern you like. AJ recommends using different sizes and colors of the ornament bulbs to give the wreath more dimension and a visual kick.


Once you’ve placed all of your ornaments on the hanger, re-hook the wire. Be sure to firmly attach the wire ends together so that no ornament bulbs slip off.

Finish off your beautiful holiday project with a big bow tied securely on top. Now it’s ready to hang on your door and add more color and festivity to your holiday decor!


Just look at how amazing will wreath turn out like the one in the video below – and all for around $5!