Susan Boyle Performs Stunning Version Of ‘O Holy Night’

Christmas is a special time of year – the stores are full of eager shoppers searching for that “perfect” gift, kitchens everywhere are filled with the sweet scent of gingerbread and apple pie, twinkly lights and snowmen decorate the streets, and our hearts seem to be just a BIT more full. And oh, the holiday music! You can’t forget the holiday music.

The joy-filled, up-lifting, heart-warming Christmas caroling is what some of us love most of all.

From Michael Buble to Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey and Pentatonix, there are wonderful voices that fill our season with happiness. But nothing is as beautiful as Susan Boyle’s breathtaking rendition of “O Holy Night.”


There isn’t a voice out there more heavenly than that of Susan Boyle – who first gained her stardom after appearing on the popular reality show, Britain’s Got Talent. The passion with which she sings and the “heart” that she puts into the lyrics make her music truly mesmerizing.

But beyond her superb talent lives a faithful Christian. She spoke to Christian Post about how important her faith is to her – especially after finding fame.

“My faith is incredibly important to me on every level. It gets me through those moments of self-doubt and also allows me to understand that this gift of my career, later in life, is from a higher power. Religion is very important to me and I still attend church services regularly. As a young child, I went with my family to church and sang in the choir. I find that my religion gives me a direction in life and brings great happiness. “

Singing in the choir helped Susan follow her dream and His word through trying time. Life has challenged Susan more than she’d like to admit, but through it all He’s there. That’s why she wanted to honor Him with a performance of “O Holy Night.”


The young faces in the choir behind her, the dim lighting and white Christmas lights, and of course Susan’s angelic voice make this ‘O Holy Night’ performance particularly moving. In the beginning, Susan’s singing is soft and low – beautifully accented by the quiet voices of the children behind her.

But with each line, the song gains power, and passion, and volume. This lovely, soul-moving rendition of ‘O Holy Night’ is certain to touch your heart, and fill you with holiday joy!


Listen to her incredible rendition below. You may need a tissue for this one! We sure did!