11-Year-Old Shares Breathtaking Rendition Of ‘O Holy Night’

It’s not often you hear a powerful voice come out of the mouth of someone so young. Yet, that wasn’t going to stop 11-year-old Amira Willighagen from singing the Christmas classic, “O Holy Night” in front of hundreds of onlookers.

The Dutch singer was invited by the Nijmegen Men’s Choir to perform as their special guest star at the annual Christmas concert in the city of Nijmegen. As sports teams have proven time and again, you perform better on your home turf, and it was no different for this young lady. She totally rocked it in her home city!


Amira’s soft, lilting voice immediately takes center stage at a concert inside the Petrus Canisius Church. When she opens her mouth to start singing, you can see that Amira’s eyes are closed. Anytime a songstress closes her eyes, you know she’s about to get lost in the moment.

The crowd was also lost in the blissful moment, right along with her. It’s so easy to imagine that Amira was surrounded by glorious angels, who were gently guiding her to an unstoppable performance.


Nowadays, the teen spends her time in her mother’s homeland of South Africa. There, she’s able to study music and explore interests outside of school a little more freely.

She spoke AD News before the move and said that she was excited, yet a little nervous:

“We have a very cool house there, with a swimming pool and five bedrooms. Every day when I come out of school, I can dive into the pool. It is also [nerve-wracking], though. Another side of the world, different language, different culture. But the weather is much better than here: 38 degrees at Christmas. I do not need to hang dirty, wet pants over the heating because I had to bike through the rain.

It is mainly farmland there. I come from there, our whole family lives there. In the past, it was terribly strict. I got a blow with the teacher’s ruler… At school you still can not misbehave, otherwise, you will be sent away. We had to hand in a certificate of good conduct to be admitted.”

Fortunately, Amira was able to get used to her new way of life in South Africa and is still pursuing music!

And by this performance here, it’s no wonder that Amira Willighagen was once the winner of Holland’s Got Talent. How beautiful, she sounds just like an angel! Yeah, she’s that good.

The dainty young lady even looks like an innocent angel, and there’s no doubt that Amira is truly heaven-sent.


Watch the video below, and it will almost seem like you are listening to her in person.