Twin Sisters Give Birth To Second Set Of Twins Each

Identical twins, Kerri Bunker and Kelli Wall, have always been close. They are best friends, live near each other, call each other to say goodnight and share another bond when it comes to pregnancy!


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A Life Of Parallels

It seems as though God planned for these sisters’ lives to intersect again and again! Kerri even met her husband at Kelli’s wedding.

Unfortunately, Kelli and Kerri also shared a difficulty in getting pregnant. Doctors warned the sisters that they were practically barren, so they turned to fertility treatments for help. Boy, were their prayers heard!


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Then The Children

Kelli gave birth to gorgeous twin girls with the help of in vitro fertilization (IVF), then just a few months later, Kerri gave birth to her first set of twins as well, also using IVF.

While Kelli froze her eggs for future treatments, Kerri and her husband continued to try through natural means. They were able to conceive their third child, Sadie, several months after that!


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They Couldn’t Believe It

Then, with their second bout of IVF, Kelli became pregnant. But the doctors had even more news for the excited couple; they were going to have twins, again!

Of course, Kelli called her sister to share the good news! After a joyous exchange with Kelli, Kerri suddenly had a strange thought pop into her head. What if she was pregnant, too? She told KUTV that she didn’t even know where the idea came from!

“I don’t even know what made me think I could be. There was nothing, I mean nothing. And it was just [like], ‘why not?’ I found out I was pregnant the day she found out she was having twins.”

Kerri ran to the cabinet and opened an old pregnancy test. Sure enough, it came back positive. Both of the sisters were pregnant, again!


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Two Crazy Houses

A few weeks later, Kerri and her husband went in to hear their new baby’s heartbeat. The familiar sound of two small fluttering hearts filled the room – that’s when doctors told Kerri that she was pregnant with twins, too.

Not only were Kelli and Kerri pregnant at the same time, but they were pregnant with twins at the same time once again.


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Welcome To The Family

The news surprised everyone, but they were all ecstatic about the four newborns headed their way! Kerri explained her own initial shock and her family’s reaction.

“I still can’t even believe it! My mom and dad said, you know what, obviously these babies need to be here. There’s a reason. So we’re chalking it up as a miracle and it’s all part of our little plan!”

Even though things are going to be nuts for the next few years, there will be an overwhelming amount of love and happiness flowing from their families!


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They Can Do It

Combined, Kelli and Kerri have nine kids under fives years old. The diapers, messes and tears may seem daunting, but they have someone right by their side that understands what they’re going through more than anyone else in the world!