Toy Soldier Performance Completely Captivates Audience

During the holiday season, we dress our dining room tables in garlands smelling of pine, bowls full of red and gold glass ornaments and sweetly-scented candles. And of course, no centerpiece is complete without a toy soldier nutcracker standing proudly next to a dish of delicious roasted nuts!

From children’s play toys to the famous “March of the Wooden Soldiers” movie to nut-cracking figurines enjoyed especially during the holiday season, toy soldiers hold a special place in the hearts of many. They’re stoic and in the holiday classic The Nutcracker, they have an important role.


Whether you are an avid lover of toy soldiers or you simply enjoy a freshly cracked walnut from time to time, the following toy soldier performance is certain to warm your heart! As the video begins and you first rest eyes on the 36 striking performers, you instantly begin to take in the remarkable costumes, the flawless makeup and the stunningly similar appearances – from one toy soldier to the next.

The soldiers’ movements are in perfect unison as they shuffle around the stage in various configurations and groupings. Their routine has the audience completely captivated.


The music playing in the background is sweet and childlike. It’s a lmost as if an old music box has been wound up and you are watching tiny toys march to the sound.

The perfectly timed movements, impressive costumes and fitting choreography make this one incredibly special and unique performance. Each moment is surprisingly different from the next and all leading up to the grand finale of the show.


A scene in which the toy soldiers are “shot” by a cannon, one by one interlocking arms and falling to the ground – in ever-so-perfect order! The entire performance, from start to finish, is a holiday season must-see.

What’s even more wonderful is that this spectacular performance is carried out by the worldly famous Rockettes of Radio City. Their skill set is simply beautiful!


Watch this astonishingly impressive routine by these toy soldiers this holiday season.