Aaliyah Rose Sings Breathtaking Version Of ‘Mary Did You Know’

Aaliyah Rose has more talent in her little pinky than most of us do in our entire bodies. It sounds harsh, but as soon as you hear her sing “Mary Did You Know,” you’ll be forced to agree!

Even though she’s just  14 years old, the Provo-based singer has a voice of someone four times her age! Not only is her singing absolutely breathtaking, but her stage presence is almost soothing.

This was all put on display during her stunning video for the popular Christmas song!


Before Aaliyah Rose was a solo success, she was a teenager trying to make it big on the hit reality show The Voice. Unsurprisingly, all of the coaches were blown away by her voice when she auditioned – but there was one judge, in particular, who was completely astounded by Aaliyah Rose’s star power. 

That coach was Gwen Stefani and she knew Aaliyah Rose had what it took to be on her team. Gwen gushed:

“You’re so talented and gifted. Just the fact that you have a voice like that and a power like that and you have so much style… I feel super blessed right now. I’m so excited to work with you. We’re going to have so much fun.”

Aaliyah Rose told The Daily Herald that the feeling was mutual. The talented teen was mesmerized by Gwen’s beauty, motherly instinct and gentle nature. Their match was a dream come true!

“She is so, so, so sweet. She is really motherly because she has kids that are close to my age, so she kind of knows. And she started when she was a teenager as well, so I think that we can really relate. And she’s really diverse with her genres of music. She’s done so many different kinds. Rock and pop, and ska, all these different genres. So I feel that she can really help me out that way.

She is beautiful, especially in person. The first time I saw her, I was freaking out. She is so beautiful. It looks like she has a spotlight on her everywhere she goes.”


Even though Aaliyah Rose didn’t make it to the championship round, her singing career is far from over. She told The Daily Herald that her ability to surprise a crowd never gets old!

“Sometimes people don’t expect as much from me since I’m younger. When I start singing, I guess I don’t really sound like I’m 14 years old — that’s what people have told me — but I feel like I have an older soul, so I don’t know.”

We were amazed by her rendition of “Mary Did You Know” in the video below. She definitely doesn’t look like she has such a powerful voice due to her age – but as soon as she opens up her mouth, it’s clear Aaliyah Rose has a vocal range better than most seasoned musicians. 


Listen to Aaliyah Rose’s rendition of “Mary Did You Know” here. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this talented young lady!