Most Beautiful Horse In The World Is Revealed To Us All

As a species, horses are incredible creatures. Their proud stature, flowing mane and noble attitude are impressive, to say the least.

Even though all horses are beautiful, there’s one breed that rises above all the rest….

Screenshot via YouTube

These majestic horses are called Akhal-Tekes. The Akhal-Teke breed has a gorgeous, shimmery coat that blends in with their diverse habitat of Turkmenistan, Russia, Europe and North America. 

According to Pet Breeds, Akhal-Tekes take a dedicated owner and handler –  they’re not for new horse enthusiasts.

“As a hot-blooded equine, like their Arab ancestors, they are more sensitive and spirited than cold-blooded or warm-blooded breeds. These qualities often make them unsuitable for novice horse owners, but those with equine experience appreciate that these high-strung animals make extraordinary partners with correct and careful training.”

While there are only 6,600 Akhal-Tekes left in the world, they’re gaining international attention recently – and it’s easy to see why!


An Akhal-Teke usually stands 14 to 16 hands and is a stunning black, chestnut, gray or cream color. Most Akhal-Tekes have a protein in its hair that results in a metallic, shiny coat (like you see in the images here).  

This incredible breed is often referred to as  the “heavenly horse” – its bright, reflective coat and dignified history make it the most beautiful horse alive! 

Screenshot via YouTube

Learn more about the Akhal-Teke breed here!

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