Darci Lynne Sings Silly Christmas Song With Pentatonix

Darci Lynne Farmer first won over our hearts during her impressive stint on America’s Got Talent’s 12th season. In front of a live weekly audience and millions of Americans watching at home, Darci Lynne slowly worked her way through the challenges to the take home the grand prize with her hilariously sassy ventriloquism acts!

Not only did her puppets speak, but they also sang songs! That’s exactly why the hit a capella group Pentatonix invited Darci Lynne and her favorite puppet on their Christmas special…


From an early age, Darci Lynne knew that she loved ventriloquism! Her passion for the art first began when she participated in the International Cinderella Scholarship Program.

Darci Lynne ultimately took home the title of Mini Miss, despite her overwhelming shyness. But the most important moment during the program was when she met the former titleholder who was a ventriloquist.


The young woman encouraged Darci Lynne to get over her fear of performing in front of others by trying ventriloquism. This gave Darci Lynne a way to express herself without having to be the direct center of attention!

As soon as she tried ventriloquism, she fell in love! It became a wonderful creative outlet and Darci Lynne had quite the knack for it!


Darci Lynne’s impressive skill with ventriloquism and refined singing voice is why Pentatonix invited her onto their television special “A Very Pentatonix Christmas.” Alongside the four original members, Darci Lynne demonstrated her ventriloquism as her puppet sang along with them!

The audience was thrilled to see Darci Lynne and her puppet grace the stage. Their camaraderie was heartwarming and Darci Lynne once again shone on stage.


Take a peek at this fun holiday performance for yourself in the video below. We wish Darci Lynne, the members of Pentatonix and everyone who’s watched this performance a very merry Christmas!