Target Employee Challenges Little Girl To A Dance-Off

Shopping can be a great experience for families . . . if parents can keep their children occupied. Because young children have so much energy to burn, they can sometimes become restless and start to wander around the store if a parent isn’t keeping a close eye on them.

Well, one mother was had an angel in disguise that appeared in the form of a store employee who managed to entertain her little girl and make their day memorable!

target employee dance off little girl


Mom Stefanie was taking her little girl, Evallyn, shopping. They went to Target to pick up some stuff. While there, Stefanie decided to buy some toys for her daughter. There were some dolls and other things and, for a while, Evallyn seemed to enjoy them.

Unfortunately, the little girl became restless. And like other little children before her, for Evallyn the shopping trip was likely taking longer than she anticipated. Mom was no doubt doing her best to get through the store as quickly as possible.

target employee challenges girl


As her sweet little daughter was getting bored with the trip, thankfully, someone else was able to grab her daughter’s attention. And this person was Target employee A.J.

A.J. noticed the restless little girl and decided to do something to brighten everyone’s day. She got Evallyn’s attention and invited her to a dance-off. A.J. and Evallyn did some cute dance moves. The former praised the little girl and gave her compliments. Some customers passed by, but the two didn’t stop their fun. In fact, they became fast friends.

target employee challenges girl to dance-off


A.J. then asked Evallyn if she wanted to go again. The two-year-old said yes, and they went for another round of dancing. Stefanie stood by the cart, filming the entire thing. No doubt she had a smile on her face watching her daughter have so much fun with a stranger willing to give a few minutes of her time to bring them all smiles.

What could have been a very stressful shopping trip turned into a memorable one with the help of the Target employee. A.J. was a real godsend who didn’t just help Stefanie keep her daughter in check. A.J. also left quite an impression on Evallyn. A good deed can have a positive, lasting effect on children. Often it encourages them to do the same and pass on the kind deed to someone else.

A.J.’s simple distraction made Stefanie realize how blessings can come unexpectedly through simple acts.