Family’s Annual Christmas Dance Is The Most Wholesome Holiday Tradition

It’s almost Christmastime, which means eggnog, brightly decorated trees and fuzzy sweaters are all headed our way. It also means the Orgill family is back with another hilarious annual sibling dance. This year, they’re throwing on Mom’s old sweaters and tossing in a modern hit or two for the younger crowd.

We’ve never seen them dance like this! Maybe we can all start a fun family tradition like the Orgills…


For five years in a row, the eight Orgill children have come together for a fun family Christmas dance. Instead of shying away from the camera, they go all-out for the tradition. They don silly outfits, turn on the stereo and flip the camera’s switch to “record.” Every year they make us laugh with their awesome dance moves and good, old-fashioned family fun. 

Joseph Orgill told TODAY that the tradition has ballooned into a yearly staple as soon as they started posting the videos online.

“It first started out as just a fun activity for us to do as a family together. As the years went on it turned into something we could all look forward to… people fly from out-of-state and practice for weeks leading up to it.”

While every video is spectacular, they’ve truly taken things to the next level with this year’s choreography.

The Orgills chose Pentatonix “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” and Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” for their video – and boy, was it epic. They didn’t want to waste a single second of their fans’ attention. The eight siblings drew in their viewers’ eyes in with cool moves and surprised them with something awesome seconds later.

Obviously, the Orgills know how to make an entertaining dance video!


Instead of sticking with boring choreography that would be easy for everyone to learn in a flash, the group spent weeks nailing down their moves. They were determined to include modern dance crazes like “Juju on the Beat” and the “Mannequin Challenge.” Now people young and old can come together to enjoy the Orgill’s original Christmas tradition.

When the holiday season rolls around we can count on several things: twinkling lights, trees hung with ornaments, and the Orgill’s awesome Christmas dance. It may not be exciting for everyone, but it’s something that all of us look forward to every year.

We can’t wait to see what this creative family has up their sleeves in the years to come!


Take a peek at their fun family dance below. They’ve got some serious moves!