Johanna Serrano Sings Sound Of Silence

In blind auditions, there’s really no way of telling how the contestants will sound until they open their mouths and started performing. And as a judge, the tricky part is that you have to rely on just what you’ll hear in making a decision.

The judges of The Voice Season 4 were surprised to hear a crystal-like voice singing a classic song. Johanna Serrano, with her guitar, chose to perform Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” and she was right with her song choice.


Johanna’s voice was just pure. Her enunciation of the lyrics was on point that you can literally feel every word she was singing, particularly at the start. She hasn’t even reached the chorus when two judges pressed their buttons for her.

Johanna isn’t new to performing in front of other people. Before auditioning in the 4th season of The Voice, she was already performing at parties with thousands of people as her audience. From there, she joined competitions and internships in musical academies.


She was greatly influenced by her family. Johanna, in most cases, composes songs while her mother writes the lyrics. Another member of the family makes the arrangements. With time, however, she is planning to do more.

Johanna made it to the next round, joining Jenifer’s team. In the Battle round, she competed with Theo Road and delivered an excellent performance with another classic- Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time.

In the Ultimate Event, she performed and competed with Diem and Battista Acquaviva where Jenifer had to keep only one artist for the Great Shows.

The Sound of Silence was first released on January 17, 1966. It instantly became a hit on the Billboard Hot 100 for an entire week after that. This caused the duo to reunite and make their second album.

The song was such a hit that a lot of artists made a cover of it. In 105, the heavy metal band Disturbed recorded their own version, hitting the number one spot on the Billboard Hard Rock Digital Songs as well as the Mainstream Rock charts.

One of the most recent covers of the song is by Pentatonix. The a cappella vocal band released their version on YouTube and received millions of views in just a few days.


The song, even though it’s considered as a classic, has a unique way of connecting to people of all ages, races, genders, and choice of genre. It’s a song that’s easy to connect to.

Johanna and her rendition of the song is something you’ll surely find entertaining and amusing.