Pentatonix & Jennifer Hudson Collaborate On Moving Hymn

One of the most beautiful Christian hymns that’s been recorded by numerous artists has been given a new spin by the a Capella supergroup Pentatonix. But the members of the award-winning group aren’t alone on the stage this time.

They are accompanied by the incredibly talented Jennifer Hudson. Everyone’s struggling to hold back tears with this brand new version of one of the most beloved songs of all time.


Jennifer and the members of Pentatonix join forces to sing “How Great Thou Art” in time for Pentatonix’s holiday television special A Very Pentatonix Christmas. This hymn actually is based off of a poem written by a Swedish man that later was translated into English by a missionary who then added two verses of his own to become the version we all know and love today.

This hymn’s popularity skyrocketed when it was brought to light by Billy Graham. In this version, Jennifer’s powerful and beautiful voice carries the melody while the members of Pentatonix lend their amazing talents to harmonize and provide an additional element of depth to this very personalized version.


The crowd cannot contain itself when all of the voices come together to produce such an exceptional sound. This soulful song prompts the audience to sway back and forth with the beat.

At the very end, Jennifer hits a note that will leave you awestruck when you listen to the video below. In true Jennifer fashion, her vocal range exhibited for this one measure is amazing, simply stunning, to say the least.


Audience members can be seen shaking their heads in disbelief at Jennifer and Pentatonix’s performance of this beautiful song. The crowd goes wild with applause, cheers and whistling when they’re done singing.

It’s no wonder that these talented musicians are award winners. This particular compilation also can found on Pentatonix’s wildly popular holiday album A Pentatonix Christmas (deluxe version).


Usher in your holiday season by listening to this incredible version of “How Great Thou Art.”