Pentatonix Rings In Christmas With New Version Of “Joy To The World”

The beloved a capella group Pentatonix is popular year-round, but their holiday hits are all-time favorites. The most popular Christmas hymn of all time has been refreshed and given new life by Pentatonix.

Originally published in 1719 with the music arrangement being written in 1839, “Joy To The World” is the most published Christmas song of all time. It’s easy to see why!


Since its release, this heartwarming song has been recorded by talented artists like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Now Pentatonix is taking their shot at it!

They picked a setting as beautiful as their a capella voices for their rendition of this holiday fave. The combination of scenery and sound is enough to bring anyone to tears!


Pentatonix covers everything from hit pop songs to gospel – even releasing their own original material. The group originally formed in 2011 and won the third season of the “The Sing Off,” which catapulted them to fame.

Since then they have received numerous awards, including a Grammy in 2015. Through their fame and glory, they never forget their roots in faith.


That’s why their Christmas song “Joy to the World” is sure to become a favorite of the season. The boom box sound effects that kick starts this beautiful upbeat song really lays down the track for the rest of the harmonies to come to life.

It’s a twist on a classic holiday song that gets the toes tapping. You can’t help but sing along!


In fact, most people quickly fall in love with Pentatonix’s a capella mastery of this holiday musical favorite. Their harmony is beautiful, the beat is peppy and it truly is a joyful song.

Fans of this power group cannot stop raving about their rendition of “Joy to the World.” You have to hear it for yourself and guaranteed you’ll be dancing in your seat.


Hear for yourself how beautiful and fun their holiday hit version of “Joy to the World” is in the video below.