Pentatonix Shares Beautiful Rendition Of A Holiday Classic

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the superficial. From the winding shopping lines to the expensive holiday coffee drinks – there’s something about the magic of Christmastime that gets lost when we start focusing on what we want rather than what we’re fortunate to have.

Thankfully, Pentatonix is here to remind us about what’s truly important this season. They’re not dressed up in fancy clothes or singing in front of an elaborately decorated set, they’re singing before their city instead.

The amazing a cappella group harmonized to the holiday classic and fan favorite, “Little Drummer Boy,” while showing us what we should all be thankful for. Sitting on the side of a mountain overlooking a bustling city during the holiday season, they make music that will take your breath away and implore you to slow down!


While we’re all familiar with Pentatonix’s music now, their start is much more humble! The group first found fame when they auditioned on Season 3 of NBC’s hit show The Sing-Off. The group took home the top prize and worked their way into hearts everywhere during their stint on the show – and they haven’t stopped since.

Nowadays, the group’s talented member cover everything from the biggest pop hits to gospel tracks, rap songs to classic rock anthems. They’re not afraid to mold their voices to fit any piece of music. Their voices combine to make a spectacular acapella style that garners fans from every generation.


Their performance of “Little Drummer Boy” is the reminder we need during the chaotic Christmas season. The holiday isn’t about the material items we can give each other, but the love we can give from our hearts.

The Desiring God website explains the song’s message perfectly:

“The drummer boy agrees to come along, and the lyrics fast-forward to him gathered around the young Jesus, acknowledging his poverty, admitting he has no gift to bring that’s really fit for a king. But he does have this drum. And so he asks, ‘Shall I play for you?’ To which Mary nods her approval, and then the drummer boy plays, and plays his best. Then Jesus smiles.”

Thank you, Pentatonix, for showing us the light during a time of the year when it’s easy to get distracted by excess. How could you not be impressed by the quintet as they gently croon out the words to this popular Christmas tune!


Listen to their version of “Little Drummer Boy” for yourself in the video below!