Pentatonix Shares The True Meaning Of Christmas In Their Eyes

We’ve heard Pentatonix cover almost every Christmas song under the sun! They haven’t shied away from a single hit, and the result is always fantastic.

But now the acapella powerhouse is back for another reason. They want to share their breathtaking beautiful rendition of “That’s Christmas To Me.” Not only do their voice blend together like something out of a Hallmark Christmas dream, but their message is something we should think back on throughout the season.

We should all be more mindful to keep the important things a priority. The season isn’t about what gift we get and which ones we’re “slighted,” it’s about connecting with family and honoring Jesus…


Even though Pentatonix is accepting of all faiths, orientations, backgrounds and races, they place a special value on Christianity. The group often sings hymns from the Bible and doesn’t shy away from releasing new tracks in the face of backlash!

All of their members sing about God with happiness in their hearts and a willingness to share His message.

Their modern approach to acceptance and faith is the perfect way to open their hearts to millions of people around the world. With their beautiful music, powerful voices, and charismatic stage presence, we can see why they have more than 41 million views for their version of “That’s Christmas To Me.” Everyone loves to see young people holding faith above material items and what’s “cool.”


Even though we know them now, most people are completely unaware that Pentatonix began as a group of three childhood friends coming together to sing. Soon, their popularity took off and the three founding members quickly realized they needed a few more voices to round out their sound.

After nailing down two more acapella voices, the group started performing anywhere that would host them. They gained traction within – garnering thousands of fans from events from one corner of the country to another. By the time the group took home the Sing-Off championship, Pentatonix was a household name!

Winning the show propelled them even further into the limelight. Now, they get to work on projects that are really near and dear to their heart, like singing this beloved Christmas classic.

Their rendition of “That’s Christmas To Me” is yet another example of how talented these five really are!


Listen to Pentatonix’s rendition of “That’s Christmas To Me” in the video below. We can’t help but tear up watching their old family videos!