Pentatonix Sings Incredible Rendition Of “The First Noel”

There is nothing more beautiful than Christmas music with which to celebrate the season, especially when it is sung by the wildly popular and highly loved a cappella group Pentatonix. This award-winning quintet is back again to treat us to a spirited performance of a much beloved Christmas song.

Music fans from all around the world have fallen in love with their Christmas album “That’s Christmas To Me.” One of the songs they included was “The First Noel,” which is a holiday tradition in many households.


“The First Noel” is a traditional classical English Christmas carol with roots dating back to an early modern period. Noel, in fact, is an early modern English synonym meaning Christmas.

This beautiful Christmas hymn places listeners in the field with the shepherds as the angels approached them, sharing the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ. The shepherds followed that star, as did the Three Wise Men.


While hearing this power group sing is simply incredible, watching them while they do so leads to a memorable experience. In the video below, see how they are able to put a new spin on this holiday classic.

The video for “The First Noel” takes place in a wintry wooded area with a lake in the background. The five members of Pentatonix are all dressed in their warm clothing – which adds to the holiday feel of the song.


As they begin, their vocals are simply breathtaking as they deliver the beautiful lyrics. Then in true Pentatonix fashion, they give the tune its own unique flare by adding sound effects and an upbeat rhythm.

Pentatonix is known for their beat boxing and amazing background sound effects. Even with this solemn spiritual Christmas hit, their rich voices ring true and blend beautifully with their sound effects.


First Mitch, then Scott followed by Kirstin lead into the song with Kevin’s beautiful bass blending them together. Michael is the newest member of Pentatonix and hadn’t joined the group by the time they produced this glorious masterpiece.

Overall, the group is successful in blending the two different worlds of classic and modern music. It’s impossible to watch this video and not get goosebumps.


Enjoy this beautiful holiday hit with a Pentatonix twist in the video below. You won’t believe how incredible their version sounds.