Pentatonix Teams Up With Special Guest For Moving Christmas Performance

The talented members of Pentatonix are, unquestionably, masters of Christmas acapella-pop songs. They’ve nailed nearly every classic – from “Silent Night” to “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town,” they’ve done it all.

But now the group is back and ready to share their latest holiday venture complete with a very special guest. The group teamed up with Maren Morris to sing a rendition of “When You Believe” that’s giving us all goosebumps. They don’t need any fancy editing. They just need the song in their hearts and their incredible voices!


Pentatonix star Scott Hoying told Billboard that Christmastime is filled with special traditions for the group. They bake together, listen to music (obviously) and try to explore new artistic experiments.

“We always watch It’s a Wonderful Life. [Bandmate] Kirstie Maldonado makes a ‘Happy Birthday, Jesus’ cake. I [listen] to classics with orchestral arrangements. That feels the most Christmas, besides Pentatonix…

It’s the best part of the year. You get to be with family, and it’s just so warm and cozy. A cappella blends with Christmas so well, and that’s why we did our first Christmas EP. ‘Carol of the Bells’ [from 2012’s PTXmas] did really well on YouTube, and it’s so much fun, so we made another album after that.”

Now, fans almost expect Pentatonix to release a new Christmas album every year. But when they’re not stuck in the recording booth, most of the members are spending time with friends and loved ones.


Bandmate Kevin Olusola agreed with Scott – he said the holidays are the best time of the year for the group. In a separate interview with Billboard earlier this year, Kevin shared how much the group loves the Christmas season. It’s the one time when they can put their work to the side and focus on family. 

He explained:

“Before performances, we warm up, sometimes we pray together. But the biggest tradition that we have is during Christmastime because immediately after, the last thing we do is we say, ‘You know, we love you guys, but we’re down to not see you until next year.’ And then we go home and just chill out.

It is so nice because we’re working all the time. Especially now that we’re doing more band stuff and everyone has separate projects, we’re working way more to make sure stuff with Pentatonix is done in an efficient manner. It’s nice when we finally get that one break of the year where all of us get to go home, see our families and be with our loved ones. That’s the one tradition that we really cherish.”

We can see their love for the Christmas season in the video here. Everyone on the stage belts their hearts out and gives the song every once of their being. Their voices fill the humble theater, making the audience members smile from ear to ear. This reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas: spreading love!


Listen to their version of “When You Believe” in the video below. We have chills!