Peter Hollens And 200 Children’s Choir Stunningly Cover You Raise Me Up

Music is a great way to bring people together. Even those who can’t sing well or are tone-deaf can appreciate good music. Several musicians and singers themselves had hearing difficulties but still managed to produce outstanding musical pieces.

It’s not easy to perform a song on your own, but it can add to the difficulty to produce a musical piece with hundreds of people. But when a choir can pull it off, it is often considered a memorable and awe-inspiring performance.


Recently, singer and YouTube star Peter Hollens performed the iconic song, “You Raise Me Up” with hundreds of people in an auditorium.

The song has had numerous renditions and covers by different artists and musicians. Not many people know this, but the song was originally composed and performed by an Irish-Norwegian duo called Secret Garden. They performed the song with singer Brian Kennedy in 2002 and was only a minor hit in the United Kingdom.

It was only when it was sung by Josh Groban that became a major hit in the United States and was popularized around the world. Since then many covers have been performed as this lovely song inspires millions around the world.

One of the reasons why this song is such a hit is because of its timeless and touching lyrics. It has been used many times on TV. Some figure skaters have even performed to this song, and a Norwegian football club even uses this as their anthem.

The lines are always touching, and they remind us that what we are and who we become are influenced by the people who raised us, helped us, and nurtured us. Whatever success we enjoy now is thanks to the people who raised us up when we were down.


Peter’s video shows him singing solo…at first. Then, the two hundred strong singers behind him lent their voices to the performance. The children’s choir gave it their all, and the hall was filled with their angelic voices.

While Peter’s voice was strong on its own, the song became more touching and heartwarming with the voices and hearts of the people behind him. The a cappella style also made the entire performance more feel more raw and powerful. With so much bad news going on in the world, this song remains an inspiration to us all, a reminder that there is still so much good in the world and that we should celebrate it.


One beautiful voice is wonderful, but a group of people singing in harmony is truly awe-inspiring.