Still Weighed Down By Grief, Comedian Shares His Struggles

A self-proclaimed military brat, well-known comedian and beloved actor Patton Oswalt, who was named for General George S. Patton, lived a life full of laughter and comedic schticks.

But, one year ago, Patton Oswalt felt his whole world come crashing down.

Patton’s wife, Michelle McNamara, passed away suddenly. Together, they had a daughter, Alice.

He had just dropped Alice off at school and decided to let Michelle sleep in. On the way home, Patton stopped to buy his wife a coffee and left it on her bedside table. 

After working for a bit, he stopped to see where his wife was at. That night, they had Alice’s special art exhibit to visit at her school…

That’s when he discovered the vibrant woman he loved, the dedicated mother to their daughter, the light of his life, had passed away in her sleep.

“…the life I knew was gone.”


Facebook/Patton Oswalt

Now on the one-year anniversary of Michelle’s passing, Patton has expressed his heartfelt grief about losing his soulmate. While he hasn’t recovered from the loss, he has made strides in the grief process, with his daughter now his focus. 

“Michelle brought me nothing but happiness. You see it in our faces, that picture between the two pics of the box. That was taken literally a month after we started going out. Look at us. We knew this was it.”

Patton has since stored several keepsakes in a box, including his wedding ring, which he only recently removed from his finger – one year after her passing. Opening the box means opening a box of his favorite memories with her.

“So the ring goes with the happy stuff.”


Facebook/Patton Oswalt

There will be other times where he knows his daughter will have questions and wants to peruse the box, too. He has six words for others who may find themselves enduring what he has.

“It’s awful, but it’s not fatal.”

Patton admits that he’s gone through some dark times, constantly questioning himself. But he limits graveside visits for when he and Alice have exciting news to share with Michelle. They remember her every day, he’s worked to become more patient, a better planner and a better person … for Michelle and for their daughter.