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  • Som Sabadell Flashmob

    A Girl Drops Money In A Hat And Starts The Most Spine Tingling Flash Mob I’ve Ever Seen.
    Starting with just a small donation given selflessly by one little girl began one of the greatest fl...

    Keri Waldron
    Now that is a flash mob!
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  • Amputee Has A Surprise Gift For His Bride on Wedding Day

    Bound to a wheelchair, he went behind his bride's back to unveil a surprise of a lifetime!
    As the bride was coming down the aisle, the groom gave her a very special gift. Thirteen years ago K...

    Carmen Mewes
    This is so amazing :)
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  • Patty Cake, I’ll Think Of You

    A Patty Cake Performance Like You’ve NEVER Seen Or Heard. This Is Epic.
    The precision and harmony these four have in this patty cake song is mesmerizing! These young people...

    Elisa Ashley
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  • A Herd Of Deer Find A Cat

    A herd of deer just found a cat, and I couldn't believe how they reacted.
    This man saw a herd of deer in the morning walking on the road, so he pulled out his camera to film ...

    Patty Schardin
    So Cool!
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  • Brother Laughing at Twin Brother

    He’s not trying to be funny, but the sound he makes has his brother in hysterics.
    There is nothing much better than the sound of a baby’s laugh! And this little fella has one of the ...

    Carol VanderPloeg
    So fun! Makes you feel good all over!
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  • Power of Words

    She saw a blind man in need, what she did for him not only changed his life – but also mine.
    You may not be able to change the whole world, but you can change the whole world of another person....

    Carol Heinisch
    Every time I see this I cry.
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  • Marine Reunion of Meyers and Bailey Leonard

    He lost his dad, his brother left for war. What brought him to tears is wonderfully heartwarming.
    Losing their father at a young age, brothers Meyer and Bailey Leonard understand what it means to fa...

    Janice Rupert Lewis
    This is so heart warming! Brought tears to my eyes!
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  • Bride's Brother Plans Special Dance

    Her father passed away before the wedding, but what her brother planned she will never forget.
    This sweet brother will bring tears to your eyes after doing something very special for his sister's...

    Paula Kuhns
    A must watch! Just have a Kleenex in your hand!
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  • Grandma’s Prom Dress Surprise

    Grandma Was SHOCKED With What Her Granddaughter Wore To Prom. You Will Love The Reason Why.
    Some things in life stay timeless, and when grandma gave her prom dress to her granddaughter to play...

    Rhonda Shepherd
    I have a big lump in my throat.
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  • Dog Stops Baby From Crying

    Want to know how to stop a baby from crying? This dog has the solution.
    As baby is feeling a little distressed in mom's arms. So this dog has it's own way of dealing with t...

    Glendee Kittman
    The baby whisperer. LOL.
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  • Couple Finds A Big Prairie Dog Stuck In The Road

    We found something stuck in the road, once we got a closer look we didn't expect to see this.
    Caught on a car dash cam and then with a closer shot with a mobile camera phone, this couple stopped...

    Laurie Spurlock
    Reminds me of Winnie the Pooh being stuck from eating too much honey!
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  • Baby and Daddy Sleeping Together

    I let my husband watch the baby, and it was awkward and hilarious at the same time.
    Thinking her husband was playing with the baby, mom noticed it became suddenly quiet. When she walke...

    Jonalyn Sulit Alamo
    Once in a lifetime to experience that wonderful moment with a precious child.
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