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  • Ellen Shares Memorable Interview With Music Legend Prince

    Ellen Interviews Prince. When She Pulls THIS From Behind Her Chair - His Reaction Is ..
    A black cloud hung over the music world the day we all ...

  • Injured Bird Now Best Friends With Family Who Rescued Her

    Her Son Came Home With A Friend, But Just Wait Until You See How The Family Interacts..
    An abandoned baby magpie's life was changed when a litt...

  • She Plays "Amazing Grace" Flawlessly With One Hand

    With Just One Hand, The Way She Plays "Amazing Grace" Is Absolutely Breathtaking.
    Playing concert piano is hard enough to begin with, but...

  • Cellists Combine Zeppelin, Beethoven In Awesome Mashup

    Cello Players Combine Two Classic Songs Into One - And It's Not What Anyone Expected
    The talented men of 2Cellos, Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hau...

  • House From An Abandoned Stable

    Siblings Discover An Abandoned Stable - Seeing How They Transformed It Left Me Speech..
    Carlos Alonso and his sister Camino, partners at Madrid...

  • Adam Levine Sings "Purple Rain" And Totally Rocks It

    Adam Levine Performs "Purple Rain." When The Camera Pans Out - Watch His Hands
    When pop icon Prince died this past week, the world wen...

  • Alexandra Kay Sings Incredible Rendition Of "Jolene"

    Dad's Playing The Guitar - But When She Starts Singing THIS 1973 Classic, I Had Chills
    There have been many artists who have recreated this co...

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  • "Another Kind Of Blue" Wows Even Simon Cowell

    Simon's Skeptical When They Walk Onstage, But Within Moments His Jaw Drops In Disbeli..
    Imagination comes to life with a dance act performed by...