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  • Som Sabadell Flashmob

    A Girl Drops Money In A Hat And Starts The Most Spine Tingling Flash Mob I’ve Ever Seen.
    Starting with just a small donation given selflessly by one little girl began one of the greatest fl...

    Keri Waldron
    Now that is a flash mob!
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  • Spellbound on Britain's Got Talent

    When This Gymnastic Team Walked On Stage, No One Was Prepared For What They Did.
    Simon Cowell was shocked beyond belief and the other judges watched this incredible and mesmerizing ...

    Edwin Gurney
    Truly awesome!
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  • Patty Cake, I’ll Think Of You

    A Patty Cake Performance Like You’ve NEVER Seen Or Heard. This Is Epic.
    The precision and harmony these four have in this patty cake song is mesmerizing! These young people...

    Elisa Ashley
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  • Amputee Has A Surprise Gift For His Bride on Wedding Day

    Bound to a wheelchair, he went behind his bride's back to unveil a surprise of a lifetime!
    As the bride was coming down the aisle, the groom gave her a very special gift. Thirteen years ago K...

    Carmen Mewes
    This is so amazing :)
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  • Rooney Chews Up Owner’s Glasses

    Finding her chewed up glasses, when she confronted the dog his embarrassment is hysterical.
    Rooney has to be one of the guiltiest dogs ever – and sweetest. His eyes give it all away with an e...

    Ashley Dynell Buford
    He's so adorable.
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  • Baby Wakes Up Happy and Sleepy

    How This Little Sweetheart Wakes Up In The Morning Captured My Heart.
    What a little bundle of joy! Her parents report that this is the way she wakes up every morning upon...

    Linda Santos
    Aww. So cute, love the cheeks.
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  • Jen Bricker, Gymnast Born Without Legs

    Abandoned at birth because she had no legs, but WHAT she found out at age 16 rocked her world.
    Born without legs, Jennifer Bricker was abandoned the day she was born. Adopted by loving parents t...

    Laura Kay
    Amazing what this young lady accomplished!
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  • Man Feeds Deer

    When this entire herd of deer came towards me, they knew what it was time for.
    Well these deer must have put their order in early because it looks like they have a standing reserv...

    Shirl Hymel Vanderweele
    That is awesome!
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  • Twin Sneeze at the Same Time

    Twins Have A Special Connection, But WHAT These Two Did Shocked Even Their Own Mom.
    Everyone agrees that twins have a special connection, but these twins take it to every level possibl...

    Peter Van Vliet
    Looks like my twin sisters years
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  • Bride's Brother Plans Special Dance

    Her father passed away before the wedding, but what her brother planned she will never forget.
    This sweet brother will bring tears to your eyes after doing something very special for his sister's...

    Paula Kuhns
    A must watch! Just have a Kleenex in your hand!
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  • Dog Stops Baby From Crying

    Want to know how to stop a baby from crying? This dog has the solution.
    As baby is feeling a little distressed in mom's arms. So this dog has it's own way of dealing with t...

    Glendee Kittman
    The baby whisperer. LOL.
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  • A Herd Of Deer Find A Cat

    A herd of deer just found a cat, and I couldn't believe how they reacted.
    This man saw a herd of deer in the morning walking on the road, so he pulled out his camera to film ...

    Patty Schardin
    So Cool!
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