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  • Dashcam From Russia That Makes The World Cry

    I’ve never seen anything so beautiful. This will bring you hope there is still good in our world.
    These dash cam videos have caught acts of kindness that seem small – but in the life of the one help...

    Celia de Kock
    Humanity can still be beautiful, watch this!
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  • Lilica, The Amazing Junkyard Mutt

    What This Amazing Dog Has Done Every Night For 3 Years Will Break Your Heart.
    Walking four miles every night in dangerous traffic, this ‘junkyard mutt’ shows a heart of gold like...

    Estell Smith
    This is so powerful, it brings tears to my eyes.
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  • Frostie Dancing Shake Your Tail Feather

    This is the most famous bird on the internet, after you see this you'll understand why.
    Frostie the dancing cockatoo is teaching us all how to 'Shake Our Tail Feather'. Owned by Karla Lars...

    Tanya Collins
    I love this bird!
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  • Sadie and her baby brother

    When you hear what she doesn't want her baby brother to do, your heart will completely melt.
    Sadie has the feelings most parents have with their little babies. Life happens quick and she is get...

    Rose DePerte
    God bless her loving heart!
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  • Bride Sings 'Look At Me' Down the Aisle

    Bride Makes Stunning Grand Entrance
    Bride Arianna Dubovik makes her grand entrance singing Carrie Underwood’s hit, ‘Look At Me’ surprisi...

    Cindy Thompson
    I love this. I've watched it like five times now.
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  • Pro Infirmis: Teddy Bear Hugs

    Everyone gives the bear a hug, but when the costume comes off you will be the one changed.
    An experiment was conducted by an organization that helps people with disabilities. They found thoug...

    Aly Von
    Aww - I want to hug him too!
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  • Luke Bryan Sings With Kylee

    When Singer Luke Bryan Brought This Girl On Stage, No One Expected Her To Steal The Show.
    Kylee, 6, turned the tables on Luke Bryan when he pulled her on stage – she began to sing to him ins...

    LaWanda Mullinax Howard
    Love it! That is something she will remember forever!
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  • Dramatic Flower Girl Entrance

    It was a picturesque wedding, until the flower girl's unforgettable entrance steals the show.
    The crowd gets a memorable and hilarious experience when this little girl comes down the aisle. The ...

    Margie Quinones
    Very funny. Love it.
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  • Cop Deer Road Rescue

    This scared deer was in danger on the road, how this cop rescues her is completely shocking.
    In Huron County, MI this Deputy Swartz found a deer in the middle of the road that couldn't move. Ho...

    Andrea Mcbride
    What a great guy.
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  • The Surprising ATM

    People thought this was an ordinary ATM, what they ended up with money can't buy.
    The bank TD Canada surprises their ATM users in an innovative and fun way that brought tears of joy ...

    Diane Shaffer Moon
    This brought tears to my eyes! What a blessing to see others receive a blessing!
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  • Doctor Makes Baby Laugh While Getting Shots

    I’ve Never Seen A Child React Like This Getting Their Vaccines. This Doctor Is Genius.
    Best pediatrician award definitely goes to this doctor. Every parent dreads the appointment and the ...

    Kathy Lock
    There's a Dr. going above and beyond. Awesome!
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  • Rhett and Link Fast Food Song

    I Was Laughing At Their Order – But Completely Lost It With The Cashier. He Is Awesome.
    When these two put in their hilarious musical order at the drive through, they themselves were floor...

    Judy Huggins
    Yes, the cashier deserves a raise and promotion.
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